Welcome to MCTE’s Fall 2019 Conference: Navigating the Joyful Journey!

Dear Colleagues,

I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome you to this year’s fall conference. Coming up with a theme for this year’s conference was something I didn’t take lightly. There were so many directions I could have taken this conference; however, one theme kept emerging for me and that was the incredible ways teachers have navigated through the rough waters of the educational climate of the times. Teachers always seem to be able to right the course and keep themselves, as well as their students, headed in the right direction and I wanted this day to celebrate the work we do.

Igniting passion and curiosity within our students has always been important, and never more so with the challenges of the state of the union, the sophistication of technology, and the everyday challenges our students deal with.

That is what today is all about. Sharing how we have each re-imagined English Language Arts to address the challenges of an ever changing world, and to help our students navigate through the immense sea of language and literacy. And give them the power to find joy through their own journey to find their true North.

I hope you enjoy today, spending time with your MCTE colleagues. That you attend a session or two that will help you find inspiration to ignite some passion and curiosity in your own classroom or school districts. Mostly, I hope MCTE will assist you in navigating your joyful journey as you continue on with your school year and years to come.

Best Regards,
Geryl Lobert
MCTE President-Elect